I headed to the coast yesterday evening to meet Tony and Kimberley for their engagement shoot. We had actually re-arranged this shoot once as it was a drizzly grey day last time and we were hoping for a little evening sunshine.

We had a walk along the beach and chatted about their wedding day. They booked me close to 2 years ago so I was really excited to see them again and here more about the plans for the day.

We got a little bit of sun but what we got lots of was epic Norfolk skies! The sun made the odd small apperence  but to get skies like this is pretty amazing! They are a really good fun couple so we played a couple of silly games and did some running up and down the dunes… they had really earned their fish and chips by the end of the shoot!

This was actually one of my very last shots of the day and I just love how much FUN it is! Such a great moment and seconds later they both ended up the other side of this on the sand!

I had a blast with them both and now cannot wait for the wedding day…. here is their sneak peek.


Thanks for being such great fun guys, hope you enjoyed the well deserved fish and chips!

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