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I can’t believe Rob & Milly’s gorgeous wedding was now over a year ago, time really does fly.

This was one of my all time favourite weddings, aside from the fact that Rob and Milly are gorgeous they also planned the most relaxed, laid back, home made day full of love and with their friends and family, it was just perfect! Milly is the very talented beauty blogger behind Pearls and Poodles so I just knew their day would be full of style! They also had a gorgeous engagement shoot at the beach in the run up to their day see that HERE.

The forecast was for thunderstorms and rain most of the afternoon as we headed down to Essex but it was looking bright and I was rather optimistic the weather ‘might’ get out and it sure did!

They planned a vintage feel, country wedding in a farmer’s field on the edge of the village where Rob’s parents live in the North Essex countryside.  This wedding was full of everything a photographer could wish for; flowery bridesmaid dresses with pink petticoats, hay bales, Pimms in jars, afternoon tea, a naked cake, the cutest little village church, wild flowers, bow ties, a traditional bike, 2 mulberry bags, bunting galore…. I could go on and on and on it was heavenly!

They looked after us like Queens, we even had our very own picnic hamper of goodies to enjoy while the guests ate their meals!

Most of all though was Rob and Milly’s amazing love for each other, their happy chilled out attitude to the day and their willingness to do anything their crazy photographers suggested! They also planed lots of time for guests to mingle, eat, drink and chat while we got loads of gorgeous shots and had some time to nip off with bridesmaids and groomsmen for some fun ones as plenty of time to explore the gardens, fields and lanes with them too.

This is a VERY long blog post but to be honest I just couldn’t get it down so many wonderful memories from the day.

I am also thrilled to say that Rob & Milly have just announced that they have a little arrival happening early next year and I couldn’t be happier for them, congratulations guys, I cannot wait to meet him or her and have a family shoot together back at the beach!

If you would like to read more about Milly’s choices for the day and see her beautiful film by A Hint of Mint check out the fabulous post on wedding blog Love My Dress.

Here is the story of their day…

Rob and Milly-7       Rob and Milly-12 Rob and Milly-10Rob and Milly-28 Rob and Milly-26 Rob and Milly-20 Rob and Milly-39Rob and Milly-33 Rob and Milly-42 Rob and Milly-51 Rob and Milly-46 Rob and Milly-44Rob and Milly-55 Rob and Milly-77 Rob and Milly-72 Rob and Milly-62 Rob and Milly-59Rob and Milly-79 Rob and Milly-90 Rob and Milly-88 Rob and Milly-84Rob and Milly-100Rob and Milly-118Rob and Milly-116Rob and Milly-109Rob and Milly-102Rob and Milly-125Rob and Milly-168Rob and Milly-165Rob and Milly-161Rob and Milly-153Rob and Milly-149Rob and Milly-143Rob and Milly-139Rob and Milly-138Rob and Milly-133Rob and Milly-126Rob and Milly-172Rob and Milly-180Rob and Milly-179Rob and Milly-184Rob and Milly-185Rob and Milly-200Rob and Milly-198Rob and Milly-191Rob and Milly-188Rob and Milly-174Rob and Milly-223Rob and Milly-214Rob and Milly-211Rob and Milly-231Rob and Milly-230 Rob and Milly-256 Rob and Milly-252 Rob and Milly-250 Rob and Milly-245 Rob and Milly-244 Rob and Milly-241 Rob and Milly-236 Rob and Milly-227Rob and Milly-293Rob and Milly-297 Rob and Milly-299Rob and Milly-306  Rob and Milly-310   Rob and Milly-316Rob and Milly-321Rob and Milly-329Rob and Milly-331Rob and Milly-333Rob and Milly-334Rob and Milly-335Rob and Milly-337Rob and Milly-338Rob and Milly-347Rob and Milly-355Rob and Milly-358Rob and Milly-365Rob and Milly-367Rob and Milly-372Rob and Milly-376Rob and Milly-381Rob and Milly-385Rob and Milly-394Rob and Milly-400Rob and Milly-402Rob and Milly-406Rob and Milly-418Rob and Milly-420Rob and Milly-423Rob and Milly-424Rob and Milly-425Rob and Milly-426Rob and Milly-428Rob and Milly-430Rob and Milly-438Rob and Milly-466Rob and Milly-477Rob and Milly-482Rob and Milly-483Rob and Milly-491Rob and Milly-492Rob and Milly-498Rob and Milly-516Rob and Milly-520Rob and Milly-522Rob and Milly-525Rob and Milly-530Rob and Milly-538Rob and Milly-540Rob and Milly-542Rob and Milly-548Rob and Milly-551Rob and Milly-553Rob and Milly-554Rob and Milly-557Rob and Milly-559Rob and Milly-562Rob and Milly-567Rob and Milly-575Rob and Milly-576Rob and Milly-581Rob and Milly-586Rob and Milly-591Rob and Milly-597Rob and Milly-603Rob and Milly-605Rob and Milly-607Rob and Milly-612Rob and Milly-614Rob and Milly-622Rob and Milly-624Rob and Milly-630Rob and Milly-632Rob and Milly-642Rob and Milly-644Rob and Milly-645Rob and Milly-651Rob and Milly-652Rob and Milly-655Rob and Milly-658Rob and Milly-665Rob and Milly-667Rob and Milly-668Rob and Milly-675Rob and Milly-679Rob and Milly-680Rob and Milly-682Rob and Milly-686Rob and Milly-690Rob and Milly-692Rob and Milly-693Rob and Milly-694Rob and Milly-699Rob and Milly-700Rob and Milly-701Rob and Milly-711Rob and Milly-721Rob and Milly-726Rob and Milly-736Rob and Milly-746Rob and Milly-747Rob and Milly-759Rob and Milly-761Rob and Milly-769Rob and Milly-771Rob and Milly-773Rob and Milly-776Rob and Milly-780Rob and Milly-783Rob and Milly-792Rob and Milly-795Rob and Milly-799Rob and Milly-811Rob and Milly-818Rob and Milly-820Rob and Milly-828Rob and Milly-829Rob and Milly-836Rob and Milly-840Rob and Milly-875Rob and Milly-890Rob and Milly-891Rob and Milly-893Rob and Milly-897Rob and Milly-900Rob and Milly-902Rob and Milly-903Rob and Milly-906Rob and Milly-909Rob and Milly-913Rob and Milly-917Rob and Milly-923Rob and Milly-929Rob and Milly-937Rob and Milly-938Rob and Milly-942Rob and Milly-947Rob and Milly-953Rob and Milly-954Rob and Milly-956Rob and Milly-963Rob and Milly-970Rob and Milly-981Rob and Milly-982

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