I started my business at 18 whilst still at college photographing my nieces and nephews as Christmas presents for my sisters. It quickly took off and suddenly I was being asked to photograph my sister’s friend’s children and then even a wedding… on film!

Fast forward a few years, I had been travelling and now had a great career as an estate agent. I knew though that it wasn’t my passion and when I was just on the cusp of doing a management course decided it was time to take the leap and pursue my photography passion full time. Working for myself from home would be easy, right?!

How wrong I was, I quickly learnt that having a website and being able to take good photos wasn’t enough, in fact it was a tiny proportion of what I needed to do to make a living as a photographer. With the goal to be a professional wedding photographer I set about making a plan of how to achieve it and after just a year in 2011 I had my first ‘full year’ of 32 weddings and in 2013 hosted my first ‘photography workshop’.


I come across so many photographers who love taking pictures and are fantastic at what they do but without the knowledge of how to run a business struggle to turn their passion in to a full time job.

Since having my little girl Robyn in 2017 I have made the business fit around my family life shooting around 20-25 weddings a year and approximately 25-30  family and engagement shoots. 

I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt and in the past 12 month have focussed on developing the training side of my business streamlining the courses into 5 workshop/training and mentoring options.  This includes options for both ‘beginners’ in photography and ‘professionals’. 

Please do get in touch I would love to hear how I can help.



A 4 session on line training programme especially designed for parents to learn how to take great photos of their children.

Covering The exposure Triangle, Hints and Tips of Photographing Children as well as an introduction into editing and a session dedicated to answering your questions. Next launch date to be announced contact me to go on the mailing list. 





  A 3 hour one-to-one Beginners Training session to cover all the photography basics and set you on the way to taking great amature photographs.

 Covering the exposure triangle, equipment and lenses, some shoot practice and an introduction into editing this is the perfect fast track to get you started with phototography.

Contact me to book or Buy a Voucher here.





A 1 hour Skype or Zoom chat where you can literally ‘ask me anything’ from the equipment I use, to how I conduct a wedding consultation.

If you just have some burning questions about how I run my business this is perfect for you. 

Contact me to book a call. 





 A one-to-one session tailored to your business. Before the day I will send you a questionnaire to fill in so I can learn a little more about your business goals and we can have a chat about the areas you feel you need to work on.

I will then tailor your 6 hour training day to the topics you feel you need the most help with. Whether you need help with running the business or marketing to gain more bookings. Perhaps you feel you would love to learn more about photographing couples or families, we can even arrange for a model shoot to work on posing and editing techniques (for a live shoot add £50).

Contact me for a free 30 min Zoom call to discuss whether this is a great option for you. 





 Whether you are just starting out in the photography industry or have been working on your business some time my 6 month mentoring program is designed to give your business a real boost in the right direction and help you focus on your future goals. 

We will start with a Skype meeting  to determine your business goals, hopes and dreams for the future which will allow me to make a plan for the 6 months to follow. 

We will then meet every 2 weeks on Skype for a 1 hour call to discuss how things are going and set tasks to complete for the following two weeks.  

With 20 years experience in the photography industry and 10 years as a wedding photographer I can help with any aspect of your business. Keeping you motivated and focussed to stay on top of your goals.

Contact me for a free 30 min Zoom call to discuss whether this is a great option for you.




*All professional training is based in Norfolk and can only be booked by photographers based outside Norfolk.

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