Today I would like to share with you the gorgeous Adam and Victoria and their Cathedral Engagement Shoot. They have a particularly romantic engagement story and the lovely Adam actually proposed whilst on a mini break in Prague! Already romantic? It gets better!  He decided to do it outside the gorgeous Prague Cathedral… in the snow! Come on boys it does not get much more romantic than that!

When deciding where to have their Engagement Shoot they thought straight away of the gorgeous Norwich Cathedral to mirror the fantastic location of their actual Engagement.  We were hoping for snow and Vicky was planning snugly scarves and hats but instead we were blessed with quite a nice February day with a touch of wind for good measure!

We had a lovely time exploring the cathedral and its gorgeous grounds as well as walking down to the riverside for a few shots narrowly missing falling in to the river!

Just as we were walking back to the cars we spotted a second hand furniture shop so, to finish their shoot, we took some fun shots of them sitting in the arm chairs looking a little like they perhaps will do in 50 years time!

Thanks for the most fun shoot guys! I look forward to seeing you both again soon x

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