My two lovely friends, Emma and Catherine, recently both bought their first DSLR cameras! Last October Emma had the most gorgeous baby boy who she was dying to get some good shots of and so decided to invest in a good Canon with the ability to take video. Catherine who got married last September (see her wedding images HERE), sick of coming home from holidays and trips out with what she thought was good images on the back of her compact camera and becoming disappointed at seeing them once on her computer, decided to invest to get some great personal shots. Neither of them though new anything about photography, or indeed their cameras! Catherine had the great idea while we were having lunch a few weeks ago to get together and have a photography lesson taken, for some reason, by me!

Clearly photography is my passion, my business and pretty much my life but even I will admit that there is always more to learn. I was therefore a little worried about what I could share but apprehensively I said yes!  So yesterday afternoon came and they arrived for a lovely lunch and an afternoon of knowledge filled training!

We spent the first couple of hours doing the boring bit, setting their cameras up to the correct constant settings and then going through the meanings and function of each manual setting showing them examples from my own work, examples in books and shooting test shots as we went. I was surprised how fast they began to understand (any photographer will know this is not something you can teach in a few hours) so we went outside and started to practice what they learnt in my rather dead and unkempt (this will be short lived my other half assures me) back garden.

We decided to play with aperture and depth of field as I felt this is what would most interest them, it is the most fun to play with and you can get the most arty shots with. So before my very eyes my lovely friends started to ‘get it’ shooting the plants, pots, lanterns and ladybirds around the garden. In fact they got some really fab shots that I was thrilled with all the while Oohing and Arrring at the possibilities and effects!

I had such a fab afternoon and an experience I thought might be hard and unrewarding (like I said this is such a hard topic to teach in a few hours) was fun, inspiring and infinitely rewarding when I could see them gain images they didn’t know were possible.  I have added a few of my images below for you to see, including a couple of cheeky shots of them,  but believe me some of their images are better than mine! If you think you would like to get to know your way around your DSLR then get in touch for mini workshop quote I think you may surprise yourself!

demonstrating depth of field with Catherine!

Comparing shots!

Emma, clearly with her eye on something interesting! (oh the shame of that hanging basket!)

My awesome new teapot, a gift from Catherine!

Catherine looking like a pro! I have since taught her HOW to hold her camera!

A huge thanks to Emma and Catherine for making it such a fun experience; to Catherine for my awesome new teapot and sign and to Emma for my amazing new oven (don’t ask, she will know what this means!)

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