Yesterday I was thrilled to be featured on the Flourish Blog! Flourish are the company who designed and built the new website and blog and I am thrilled with the results. They have captured my personality and background to my work perfectly and I suppose the biggest compliment I could say is that it now feels like ‘me’! Some of you may know this is my third website and although I have been pleased with nos. 1 and 2 I never felt like I had quite got it right. By nature photographers are uber critical of themselves and their work and having also studied graphic design giving me high expectations and fixed ideas I am probably the worse kind of client for a designer to work with!   From the beginning Ian and Fiona got a great idea of my style, Chloe worked tirelessly to create my beautiful new brand and Rob pushed the ideas in my head 1 step further to design a website and blog that reflected my work better than I could have imagined. Not forgetting Stuart who I believe did the magic bit of writing the code, putting it all together and making it work! I can now look at other photographers sites and feel proud that my site shows off my work in the big wide world of the web better than I could have dreamed.  I have had compliments galore from friends and clients and the new branding went down a storm at last weekends huge East Anglian Wedding Show. A big thanks to all the team who helped this become a reality. Below is the Flourish write up or click HERE to visit the blog I would love to know what you think of the before and after?

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