A lot of you may know that I LOVE to do photography courses. When I started my career 10 years ago it was all collage and university courses which meant lots of still life, lots and lots of theory and even more time in the dark room! The photography industry has changed almost beyond recognition since then and there is always more and more to learn and more opportunities to fine tune my style and skills. I fairly religiously follow a few photographers work who are very much at the top of their game within the photography industry and one of these is the amazing British Photographer Brett Harkness based in Manchester. Brett only shoots around 15 weddings per year and as such each one is very much an individual masterpiece within his fine tuned style that is recognisable to photographers all over the country if not world. This is one of the reasons that I choose to attend his courses because there is always more learning to do and who better to learn from than the best in the business. So I thought I would share with you some of the amazing images that I got on his recent wedding course. I hope that you enjoy looking at them and as always love to know your thoughts x

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