You may remember Carl and Charlotte’s SP from a few weeks back, what I didn’t tell you however is that on that day I also met the most gorgeous kitten I have ever seen (aside from my Mally!) called Toulouse! Upon seeing him and how much these guys doted upon him I knew I we could not leave for their location shots until I had some shots of the simply beautiful Toulouse. So with this tiny playful ball of fluff we started at home! We then went on to the always beautiful (even with a gray sky, or maybe especially with a gray sky) Eaton Park in Norwich which I just love due to the diverse back drops and you may be able to tell that the Lilly pads got my attention too! We just managed to get everything we needed before a rain cloud erupted and we made a dash back to the cars… here are some of my faves.

Oh and upon seeing Toulouse again a couple of evenings ago he is now twice the size and twice as playful! x

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