The Golden Hour…

The ultimate light, this is what photographers call ‘the golden hour’. The hour before the sun sets and everything is bathed in an ethereal golden light.

This is my favourite time to shoot, the light is breathtaking and to capture a bride and groom at this moment in time is simply magical. Not only does this light make incredible images bathed in that golden glow but to me it symbolises everything a wedding day is about, love, light, hope, adventure, magic and the sun setting on a couples first day as Mr & Mrs.

What’s more this light it not bias, it could appear at 3.30pm in the cold days of December or at the end of a hot day in August and if you are lucky enough to see some of this on your wedding day then I am ready to make the most of it!

Often this light can come at awkward times, just before your first dance, half way through speeches or as your main course is being served. Obviously I don’t disturb you at one of these points in the day but if between courses or we can push your dance back by 10 minutes it is well worth it!

As beautiful as it is it is this light is actually not at all easy to shoot in. If you know anything about photography or have maybe tried yourself to take photos in this light, getting the camera to focus and not make the foreground pitch black requires an awful lot of skill.  If you want to make the most of this light on your wedding day you must be sure to book a professional as an amateur or friend will not have the right equipment, lenses, practice, experience and skill to be able to capture this light as it should be seen.

If I am shooting your wedding then let me know on your ‘timing sheet’ you would like for me to grab you at the right moment to capture this or if I am not shooting your day then get in touch you may just be able to have something as magical as these very lucky couples….


  1. Emily

    Wow, Katherine, so many incredible photos in this post! So so beautiful, and you really see the best of this light in Norfolk I think, with such big skies and vast fields. Well worth sneaking out of any wedding for photos in! x

    • Katherine

      Thanks Emily! You are right the light is amazing and fabulous to be able to shoot in it, thanks so much for your lovely comment!


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