Super Star Someone runner up {Sneak peek}

I am so thrilled to share this sneak peek with you. At Christmas you may know I run a ‘Superstar Someone’ competition where by anyone can enter and nominate someone really special to them to have a shoot with. Perhaps someone they wouldn’t normally think to have a professional shoot with but someone very important to them who has brought a lot to their lives and maybe others. Each year I have the most amazing entries and I sit a couple of days before Christmas warmed by the totally humbling stories and entries that I read of normal people who are just extraordinary and so, so loved by the person who has nominated them.

I started the campaign because I wanted to show that it does not need to be your children, partner or immediate family that you ‘should’ have a shoot with but could be your best friend, uncle, granny or someone who means the world to you. Having lost both my parents and my wonderful brother in law last year this is the kind of thing I would do anything to have with those special people and I know that these images will be treasured forever by the winners.

So the lovely Karla nominated her Fabulous Granny, Elizabeth and she really is a superstar. It was a freezing cold windy and rainy day but Liz had come a long way for the shoot so we decided the show must go on! So, wrapped up warm and rain cap on we headed in to Eaton park in Norwich. Not only is she the loveliest, funny, warm lady but she is also assertive, bright and certainly has all her faculties and more which at the ripe old age of 91 (not that you would ever know it to look at her) is amazing! She doesn’t look her age at all and was enjoying every minute of spending time with her granddaughter, she just seemed to glow.

I am not sure when I will be able to post the full shoot so I have decided to share Karla’s entry here as it is just so beautiful I think you should be able to read it along with seeing this image.

So in Karla’s words this is why her Granny is so very special to her…

“I would like to nominate my Granny, Elizabeth.  At the age of 91 she is the head of our household and is an integral part of the family. She is a unique woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She doesn’t look or act her age and has a wicked sense of humour as well as an amazing memory. She is a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother who does all she can for her ever growing family. Earlier this year she wasn’t very well and it was a shock to see such a strong, independent person suddenly look so vulnerable. It made me realise that she won’t be around forever – no matter how stubborn she is! and that she is more important to me than ever before. With my wedding less than 12months away my Granny is being so supportive, both financially and with words of wisdom. It’s been twenty years this December since she lost her husband, my Grandad, but she remains as strong as ever and her love for him is still clear to see.”

Two amazing ladies

Thank you for a wonderful shoot and it really was a pleasure to meet your superstar Granny! x


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