I love a good story – don’t we all?

I hear stories from my couples day after day and I have to say it is one of my favourite parts of the job. To hear how my couples met or perhaps that intimate story of how they got engaged is such a wonderfully personal part of their lives and it feels so exciting to know what brought these two people together.

I may sound a bit of a soppy romantic but it feels magical to know how it all began.

This year I would love to get more stories from my lovely couples to share with you on the blog, how you met or how you got engaged or simply both! I have heard a fair few in my time; a romantic proposal on a beach in Barbados; a secret night in a hotel and being whisked away after a day at work; a private champagne pod on the London Eye; the little tiny ring box hidden inside bigger and bigger boxes at Christmas; an unplanned proposal over a cat litter tray and even an accidentally found ring in a suitcase!

Each and every one is unique and every one I hear, without fail, makes me smile and brings me closer to understanding my couples which in turn always helps create that magic on their wedding day.

I would like these stories to be in your own words, they are so much more special that way. So if you have an engagement story you would like to share which will be blogged with your beautiful engagement photos then simply send one over. If It could be your shoot from 2011 or 2012 even if it the shoot has not yet taken place. I cannot wait to read it and I know lots more brides (and maybe some grooms!) who would love to read it too!

For now though I leave you with this link a story of this couples glorious proposal…  WILL YOU MARRY ME

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