It is no secret that I LOVE albums and in particular I just adore Queensberry albums. They are, in my opinion (and many others), the best albums in the world. Their classic yet contemporary designs along with the craftsmanship in their handmade albums is just second to none.

It is for these reasons, along with years of research that I decided that my wedding albums would only be supplied by Queensberry, my clients simply deserve the best in the world.

In this digital age many couples now want a fully digital package and with the huge costs of getting married one of these beautiful albums can seem like a luxury. Images can be seen on computers, ipads, iphones and facebook so an album  no longer seems like a necessity from a wedding day.

Some couples have full intentions to make their own albums at a later stage but from experience it is just one of those jobs that never gets done! I also had a conversation recently with a bride who got married around 8 months ago who also intended to make her own album. She was struggling to choose images, going over layouts again and again and leaving it for months at a time becoming disheartened by how overwhelming the job seemed. It is worth bearing in mind that not only are you paying for the album itself along with many years of craftsmanship but also peace of mind. Years of experience of album design and choices as well as the fact that taking the task out of your hands allows you to take a step back and view this not as 600 images you have to get down to 60 but as 60 stunning images designed in to the story of your day.

It is very much up to the individual client but to me an album is an investment much as a good piece of furniture or art for the wall but with 100 times more prominence as these are your wedding images.  I have never met a anyone who has regretted getting album but many who have regretted not getting one. An album lasts a lifetime and can be passed down to generations, showing your grandchildren images on a disc would never quite be the same!

So this year I want to share with you my love of albums and specifically my love of Queensberry albums. I intend to photograph some of my couples beautiful pieces and share them with you on these pages.

Martin & Alison…

So the album I would like to start with is that of Martin and Alison who got married in June of last year. They chose a 12×12 inch matted album with a grey silk cover and simply some words on the front. They were over the moon with it and I hope you enjoy looking through it also…

“It’s perfect, we are absolutely thrilled. Love the additions you have made! We are both really happy with it!” Alison

What a beautiful family heirloom x

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