This is a shoot I have been dying to blog for months but I have been awaiting my new blog to go live! Helen decided to have the shoot for her fiance to give him a gift before their wedding next September. It was a super hot summers day and we met at her parents gorgeous home which had tons of lovely natural light and big windows! I love to shoot with natural light in peoples homes or sometimes hotel rooms far from the bright white studio backgrounds and studio lighting this gives the shots a far more natural, unforced, un-posed look. Helen was comfortable as she was in her own environment and the results are images of her looking naturally sexy.

I had arranged  for my makeup artist Sharon to do Helen’s makeup which not only looked beautiful and sexy without being too much but stayed perfect for the whole shoot despite the boiling hot weather!  We started with her in a cute red sleep set and then moved on to some pretty bright pink and turquoise sets. We then tried a couple of sexier outfits including a white set to give a bridal look before finishing very bravely with a few very tasteful naked shots! Although totally gorgeous like all of us Helen was a little nervous about having her tummy in images as this is the area she was least comfortable with.  I choose numerous poses to hide her tummy before deciding it was totally gorgeous and that she had nothing to worry about so got a few shots with it in and even of just her gorgeous torso!

She was thrilled with the results (even the tummy shots!) and very kindly said she was more than happy to be blogged (would you not looking this amazing!)

Thanks so much Helen for an amazing shoot you look beautiful and I know Jamie will be so proud (and lucky!) to be your husband x

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