Happy Valentines! I hope all you lovely couples out there spoilt each other and showed your love; I hope all my 2011 Bride and Grooms are thinking about their next Valentines – their first one as husband and wife and that all my 2010 Bride and Grooms are celebrating in a big way!

I am a sucker for a bit of romance, maybe that is why I love my job so much! More than the gestures and gifts though I LOVE to hear a good story! I am always the girl crying at the weepy films in the corner of the cinema, a sad book can effect me for days and my boyfriend is always astounded at my sheer unfloudering ability to cry at a 30 second TV advert (the John Lewis ones are the best!)
So with that in mind I have decided to launch an Awesome Valentines Offer and because I have such a big heart (sucker for a love story) this is not a competition but is in fact open to any Engaged couple who just has a darn good story to share!
Whether a ‘getting together’ a ‘we got through this together’ or a ‘how we got engaged’ story I would love to hear it! Once your story has been sent in you will then qualify for a FREE Engagement Shoot worth £75! (maximum of 10 shoots given away so first come first serve!)

Entrants must be engaged; must be able to either get to Norfolk OR live in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge or Lincolnshire; be happy for their shoot and story to be published; have sent me their story via email by 14.3.11 giving you 1 month today – enquiries@katherineashdown.co.uk.

Once your shoot has taken place should you then decide to book your wedding photography you will receive a FREE framed sign board or guest book worth £275!

Whether funny, soppy, sad, happy or plain romantic I can’t wait to hear how you feel in love x

XXX Happy Valentines XXX

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