Well today could have been a wash out, it poured down all day so much so that my first shoot had to rearrange! My second shoot was Emma, Paul and their baby bump! As the rain came down and the day wore on I was loosing hope for the gorgeous evening sun I had been praying for and thought we may even have to rearrange. The only problem was that we had already rearranged Emma’s bump shoot a couple of times and as little Lewin is due in less than 3 weeks we were cutting it a bit fine! So we met and started in doors hoping that we may be lucky enough to get out later in the shoot… but the rain came down and down and down! We decided to head to a barn in a field close by as the light was still good and we were able to shelter from the rain. We were just about to call it a day when the rain stopped and out came the sun and along with it the most gorgeous bright rainbow!! We couldn’t believe it and spent the next 45 mins getting very wet feet (sorry Paul!) shooting like crazy to get some awesome rainbow shots… and I think we did it! Here is their SP…

I think you will agree this can only be a sign that this is going to be one very special little baby!
Emma has also asked me to do some shots of this little lady/man (?) when he/she is born so these will soon be followed by some new born pics! Thanks for a fab afternoon guys and I cannot wait to meet little Lewin! x

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