From time to time us photographers like to get together to talk lenses, cameras, f stops and shutter speeds!

This is often accompanied by a model or two which we can style and try new ideas on and more often than not followed by a bite to eat and pint in a pub along route!

Well today was one of those days… 6 photographers and 2 very gorgeous models headed to the Norfolk cost for fun, frolics and shooting to our hearts content! I have so many to share but for now I just wanted to get a sneak peek up as fast as possible for the lovely models Sarah and Matt who are also due to be wed themselves in three weeks time!

So a big thanks to them, to October for arranging the shoot and to the other awesome photographers I met today so keen to share ideas, experiences and a wedding story or two!

Thanks for such a fun day guys and best of luck for the wedding day! x

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