It is Monday again already! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend? As promised this is my second instalment of a wee diary post to hopefully brighten up your Monday.  Well what to write? This is the hard part because believe it or not a photographers job is not quite as glamorous as you may think and last week was slightly less eventful that the week before!  I spent Monday to Friday tucked up in my wee office with my cat Mally emailing, editing, and catching up with the boring side of the job the dreaded admin! On Friday I got myself together, applied makeup for the first time all week and took a trip to the gorgeous North Walsham on the Norfolk Coast to meet a lovely couple getting married next June. The consultation is a part of the process that I love, I enjoy meeting new bride and grooms and hearing about how they got together or how they got engaged and listening to their wedding plans. It is also a great opportunity to learn whether I am right for a couples wedding because although ultimately it is up the bride and groom sometimes if I feel that my style is not right for them or their day I have to recommend them to someone who is. In this instance though the couple were perfect – Lovely, friendly, great English Rose meets Scottish Thistle themed wedding and I had a lovely time hearing all about their plans and drinking coffee (it is a hard life sometimes!)

Saturday was a rare non shoot day for me but as usual I still ended up in the office editing! Sunday was a shoot day and although a little grey I headed to the coast for an Engagement Shoot with Lucie and Owen one of my couples getting marreid in April (sneak Peek on the way) and then back in land for a Lifestyle shoot near Dereham with a lovely family of three, fun children.

I did thought manage to blog every single day last week! This is something I am hoping to do week on week so perhaps now would be a good time to introduce you to my rather grulling blog schedule:

Monday Monday – This will be a diary post based on what I have been up to (whether a little or a lot!) and generally how my week has gone. The idea is to have a look at the life behind the lens and maybe to inspire some of you who are starting up a business or already have a photography business.

Tuesday – A shoot post. Tuesdays will be dedicated to showcasing a shoot wether a wedding , Engagement or Lifestyle if you only check in once a week this is the day to check in!

Wednesday – Words of Wisdom, this will be an advice filled post. Generally it will be for clients, be it Wedding or Lifestyle and will be a little advice on anything from ‘Getting the Best from your Wedding Photography’ (last weeks post) to what to wear on an Engagement Shoot, until I run out of words of wisdom that is!

Thursday – Anything goes. This could be a shoot, a post about something I have had featured or a Sneak Peek perhaps.  It is what it says on the tin, anything goes (I thought I should have one day I could be a little flexible with myself!)

Friday – That Friday feeling, this will be anything that I find inspiring. It could be a new wedding venue I have visited, a new location I have found to shoot, a model shoot or another bloggers post I felt especially inspired by in the week.

Weekend – The plan is to do one blog post at the weekend and this will be something personal. It may be a personal project,  something about my life, images from a holiday or trip or just a written post about something close to my heart.

So That is the plan! As it worked so well last week I thought I would go one step further and put it in writing this week! Be sure to log in on your favourite days and leave a comment on your favourite posts, it is these that keep me inspired to write them and you were all so generous with your comments last week that you have spurred me on for the week ahead!

Thank you for reading x

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