Yesterday I headed out in the sunshine to meet these lovely two for their engagement shoot. They decided on the gorgeous Salhouse Broad and had brought some amazing props including a gorgeous picnic!

We had a lovely time exploring down by the water and got some gorgeous images (and eating yummy sardines and marshmallows!)  They arrived pretty chilled out which was wonderful as often people can be quite nervous. Toward the end I showed Tasha one on the back of the camera exclaiming how pretty she looked, in her words she said ‘wow I never look pretty in photos’ I beg to differ, she is STUNNING in photos and I hope this helps her see how gorgeous she is.

This was one of my last images of the shoot but I just adored this twisting tree and the stunning light.

They are such a cool couple and I can’t wait for their America, movie inspired wedding on the 4th of July!

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