I Will… Rich & Emma

I can’t tell you how excited I am for tomorrows wedding, it is Rich and Emma’s turn to get married and I know its going to be my kind of wedding!

I met them a couple of months ago for an evening engagement shoot at the beach and we really did get the best of the gorgeous evening sunshine and at the end of the shoot a rather amazing pink and stormy sky.

They were a little nervous at the start of the shoot but these two are SO much fun within seconds of starting they just laughed their way through the whole thing. Rich is really funny and had Emma in stitches, Emma has the biggest smile and warmest laugh so together they are a match made in engagement shoot heaven!

They are having a really relaxed and fun wedding AND the most exciting part is that is will be Mexican themed! Having spent a year working in Mexico this is a theme not only have I never seen another wedding do but one that is very close to my heart… they are even having Mexican food, my all time favourite (show me the way to the Churros!)

I can’t wait to see them in the morning but I thought now was the perfect time to share their engagement shoot which I have to say is one of my favourites of all time!

Emma had some wonderful things to say about the shoot on in my Secret Brides Group so anyone considering having an engagement shoot check this out…
“I Just wanted to take a little minute to firstly say thank you to Kathy for our engagement shoot yesterday, but secondly to say that if anyone on here is contemplating having one but isn’t really sure yet… definitely do it! ¬†We honestly can’t recommend it enough.

It was so lovely to meet Kathy before our big day, get to know her a little and get an idea of what to expect for the wedding. It has left us feeling totally relaxed about having our photos taken again when we get married.

We feel like it has taken the pressure off the wedding photos in a way (obviously I know they will be stunning too!), but we now know we’ve got some gorgeous wedding photos on the way and that for these ones it was just us… we got to be totally ourselves and appreciated silly things like Rich being able to wear a tshirt and have his tattoos poking out.

Finally, and most importantly for us, it just reminded us that we’re in love and we’re excited to be married soon. We have had a lot on our plates over the last 18 months, including some family illnesses and bereavements which have just had to be our priority and have put life in perspective. We’ve not spent a great deal of time talking about or planning our wedding because however we do it, the outcome will be the same and that will be that we’re happily married.

But having our engagement shoot yesterday just gave us the opportunity to be together, to connect, to get excited and to remember how much we’re in love. So if you can, definitely do one!

Thank you again Kathy, see you again in 7 weeks!”

Well that 7 weeks is UP… see you tomorrow Emma & Rich!

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