Mandy first contacted me as a recommendation from a friend of hers to enquire about booking for her and Jonathan’s wedding but I was already booked for their big day.  A few weeks past and it was almost Valentines Day when Mandy saw my Valentines Shoot Vouchers and had the fantastic idea of buying one for Jonathan’s Valentines gift. When I asked where they would like to have the shoot Mandy had the perfect place in mind, Wells Beach in Norfolk. This was great for me as many of you will know it is my favourite place to shoot but I was thrilled to hear that this was also where they had got engaged! How fantastic, to be able to do their Engagement Shoot at the very place Jonathan had popped the question, I was so excited.

Before the day Mandy decided to tell me her Engagement story as it was so special, moving and in places humorous! She has also very kindly allowed me to share it with all of you, so here it is, word for word as she wrote it…

“Jonathan and I had been together 7 years, the hassle of family constantly asking about when we will get engaged stopped about 2 years ago and to be honest my rather large hints had also dwindled. I had just come to the conclusion that he would never pop the question. However I had one last tiny hope, a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, my 30th birthday !!!!! Of course it doesn’t help when not only my friends, work colleges but entire family started again saying this is it, it must be. The reason they and I was so sure was because Jonathan was taking me to Venice the weekend before my birthday. Come on the most romantic city in the world and the weekend before my 30th birthday, it had to be !!

To say I was a little excited about this was an understatement but as the evenings passed with no proposals, I then came to the conclusion it would be on a romantic boat ride on the last evening. Well the last night passed with no proposal, I was gutted but I think I hid it well. The morning after it was my birthday which we had planned to go for a walk at our favourite beach wells and then lunch at Brancaster.

We were late leaving home as my brother had rung to wish me a happy birthday and congratulate me on the engagement that even he though would have happened. After half an hour of confirming Jonathan had not proposed in Venice we were finally on our way to the beach. As we were now running late for the lunch booking and the rain had set in I said I wanted to skip the beach and go straight to the pub. For the next 10 minutes I had Jonathan telling me how the walk and fresh air would do me good I agreed, if only to keep the peace.

In the middle of wells beach with the wind and rain Jonathan then proposed, It may not have been the romantic city in the world but it was perfect for me or should I say “us”!!!

All that remained was to tell everyone that yes we were now engaged, no it wasn’t in Venice it was on a wet and windy wells beach.”

Thank you both so much for a great shoot and for sharing your beautiful engagement story, it has been a pleasure to part of capturing it forever. Best of luck with the rest of your wedding plans and the big move! x

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