Claire and Chris travelled up from London for their engagement shoot and chose the beautiful Lynford Arboretum as their location. They love to walk in the woods together when they get a chance to get out of London so this pretty location with fields of long grass, a water tower, lake and beautiful huge pine trees was perfect.

They were both a little nervous before we began and Chris is not a fan of having his photo taken. All the more reason then to have an engagement shoot and with their wedding only around 1.5 weeks away they thought it would be a great practice!

We had a lovely afternoon walking through the grounds and chatting about their day. Usually engagement shoots are around 3 months before so capturing them this close to the day made me so excited for their wedding!

I have to say they both got in to the shoot so quickly and were so easy together it made for just the most gorgeous happy photos! We had a little fun in fields of long grass but they were up for anything which always makes the photos all the better!

One of my favourites was actually one of the first I took, sitting together in a meadow. Claire has the most beautiful green eyes and dimples so I just adore this close up of the two of them looking so happy together.

I can’t wait for the wedding guys, see you soon!



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