I Do… Tim & Lucy, Titchwell Manor

I knew from the start that Tim and Lucy’s wedding would be special. They were two of the most relaxed people I have met and they chose to get married at the stunning Titchwell Manor on the north Norfolk coast.

Tim and Lucy in fact followed Tim’s dream (and job) and moved around a year before the wedding to Germany. Because they lived in Germany they found it became rather hard to have a legal marriage back in the UK so opted for a small intimate ceremony several months before the day¬†with their very close family over in Germany. Then they turned their wedding day here in to a wonderful family party with a blessing in the middle, great company, food and music.

Despite around 80 guests it was one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever attended and it actually felt like a small intimate day. Lucy got ready with her sister Sophie who did her hair and makeup in the morning and I had plenty of time to nip over to the boys and get some shots of them getting in to their suits too.

They had the most gorgeous outside ceremony and despite the odd spot of rain luckily it stayed at bay for the rest of the day! After¬†their family photos, some awesome confetti throwing, a wonderful informal meal of tapas and some really beautiful informal speeches on the lawn the guests headed over to Thornham Deli for drinks, music and a hog roast… oh and an amazing dessert table!

We nipped across the road to the corn field that over looks the sea and got a few beautiful couple shot of them before they headed back to the party. While all their guests made the way to Thornham Deli we took advantage and nipped to the beach for around 40 minutes of couple shots in the beautiful sunshine.

Back at Thornham Deli they had arranged for a hog roast and the most amazing dessert table (Lucy is training as a patisserie!). They had decided not to have a ‘dance floor’ so their guests sat, chatted, caught up, ate, drank and listened to music for the evening.

As I drove away I looked back toward Thornham from my route home and pulled the car over to capture the most stunning sky which was the perfect way to finish their incredible day.

I have so many shots from this wedding but here are a few of my favourites…

titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_001 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_002 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_003 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_004 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_005 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_006 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_007 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_008 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_009 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_010 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_011 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_012 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_013 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_014 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_015 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_016 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_017 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_018 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_019 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_020 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_021 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_022 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_023 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_024 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_025 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_026 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_027 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_028 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_029 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_030 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_031 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_032 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_033 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_034 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_035 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_036 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_037 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_038 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_039 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_040 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_041 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_042 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_043 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_044 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_045 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_046 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_047 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_048 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_049 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_050 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_051 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_052 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_053 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_054 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_055 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_056 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_057 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_058 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_059 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_060 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_061 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_062 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_063 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_064 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_065 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_066 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_067 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_068 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_069 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_070 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_071 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_072 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_073 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_074 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_075 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_076 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_077 titchwell-manor-wedding-photography_078


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