I Do… Steve & Lucy, Tunnels Beaches

I have been very excited to share this wedding for almost a year… in fact longer, ever since Lucy booked me long before that.

Lucy is also a very talented wedding photographer {see her work HERE} so when she got in touch to book her wedding I was beyond flattered… and a bit scared! There is always a ‘pressure’ when shooting a wedding to do the very best job you can for the couple and for me to capture the story and atmosphere of the day as authentically as possible. Ultimately every wedding is a ‘vision’ of how I see the day. Moments that I see and capture though my camera and every single photographer given the same wedding would shoot it very differently.

Lucy had a few venue changes… in fact I think Tunnels Beaches was her third, but third time lucky! This is a wedding venue both Lucy and I had heard of and she said to me it was a her dream venue. But pricey and such a long way away (in Devon) she thought it would be out of reach. Fast forward a few months and she actually shot a wedding there herself and fell in love. Back home she decided to change the venue and in doing so her date but luckily I was still free.

As Devon is rather a long way from Norfolk Rob and I decided to make a little holiday of it and went down for 5 nights. We had beautiful weather and the most fantastic little holiday and I kept my fingers crossed for some of the same sunshine on the wedding day. Well it could not have been more glorious, big blue skies from the moment I arrived to the sun setting over the sea as I left, it was incredible.

Tunnels Beaches is a private venue that you quite literally have to walk through a tunnel to get to built into the side of a cliff with its own private beach… yes it is pretty special. In fact if someone were to design my dream wedding to shoot this would be it. It had everything I LOVE to shoot and more…. incredible scenery, big blue skies, the sea, beautiful light bright venue, incredible scenery, cliffs, sand, and outdoor ceremony (my fave!), incredible scenery, a VERY yummy BBQ, cookie cake tower, Outdoor speeches, incredible scenery, an outdoor first dance, rainbow confetti (called Unicorn poop I kid you not!)… and did I say INCREDIBLE scenery?!

Lucy designed her perfect day but that was also the perfect day to shoot. Apart from the incredible scenery (and all the other amazing things) this wedding was made by the people. Their close family and friends had made the journey to Devon to be with them on this day and in reflection of that they were the loveliest people. Steve and Lucy are so lucky to have such amazing people around them. In this post I have included lots and lots of photos of their guests, mainly because they laughed all day were not remotely worried about my camera (maybe that comes with being friends with a photographer) and just had the most wonderful time from the moment they arrived.

More than that though Steve and Lucy were a dream. They are a really chilled out down to earth couple. Lucy was as far from Bridezilla as you could get and every time she was asked ‘where do you want this’ or ‘what should we do about this’ her answers were as laid back as she is! Steve is great fun, such a smiley character and together they make a pretty good double act for photos! They also knew the photos were immensely important to them so set aside lots of time for their couple shots, in fact we went down on to the beach THREE times to take advantage of the sun, the changing light, the tide and the sunset at the end of the night.

It was Lucy’s birthday this week so I thought a good time to take everyone back to that incredible day… if Carlsberg made weddings…

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  1. Verda Sales

    A great set of photos’ not one sad face to be seen. It really was a blast of a wedding and you captured it beautifully. I feel as if I was actually there.
    Thank you.


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