I Do… Ruben & Jess, The Great Barn, Hales Hall

I can’t believe this gorgeous wedding was over a year ago now… I am a little behind with blogging this year and there are another couple of 2015 weddings I would really like to get up before the end of 2016 so keep your eyes peeled!

This is the beautiful wedding of Jess and Ruben. I couldn’t wait for this awesome couples day, we had had SO much fun on their engagement shoot I knew the wedding would be a dream. In 2014 I shot their best friends Lydia and Matt’s wedding and Ruben and Jess were on countdown to their day. Lydia was bridesmaid and Matt best man, as Jess and Ruben both had been at their day last year so it was great to have the same party back together.

I was also been really excited to shoot at the beautiful Hales Hall Great Barn and I was totally blown away by how gorgeous it was. A huge cathedral like space so full of history for the Ceremony, meal and dancing, pretty gardens surrounding the hall for drinks and photos and some stunning old cottages for the bridal party to get ready in, it really is the most stunning of venues.  We arrived in the morning to the ladies having their makeup done by the fab Love Moi Makeup and hair made to look beautiful in one of the gorgeous little cottages with wiggly walls and old beams it was full of atmosphere and excitement! The morning was rather wet but we were all keeping the faith that it would get out fine.

At the other end of the building was the beautiful gate house and this is where the gents were getting ready. Both Jess and Ruben had bought lots of thoughtful gifts for each other so we had present opening, both with a few tears and lots of laughter.

As Jess stepped out of the cottage to head to the ceremony the sun came out and didn’t really disappear again for the rest of the day. They had a beautiful ceremony in the incredible barn and came out to sunshine and confetti! Then drinks, canapés and lawn games in the beautiful gardens while we got their group photos and a few couple shots in the secret garden.

We were treated to the most gorgeous wedding meal and the team at The Great Barn looked after us like queens! After some fab speeches the sun became low so we snuck out for a few more images just before the first dance in the low, golden light.

As always we finished after an awesome first dance and some fab dance floor shots leaving them and their guests boogying the night away!

So much has changed for Ruben and Jess since the wedding, sadly Ruben’s lovely dad passed away just a couple of weeks later really reminding me and of the huge importance of photographs and memories. Then I am thrilled to say they have also bought a beautiful family home and added to that in the form of a gorgeous little girl whom I am sure they can’t wait to share the story of their wedding with when she is a little older!

Here are a few of my favourites…

hales-hall-barn-wedding_001 hales-hall-barn-wedding_002 hales-hall-barn-wedding_003 hales-hall-barn-wedding_004 hales-hall-barn-wedding_005 hales-hall-barn-wedding_006 hales-hall-barn-wedding_007 hales-hall-barn-wedding_008 hales-hall-barn-wedding_009 hales-hall-barn-wedding_010 hales-hall-barn-wedding_011 hales-hall-barn-wedding_012 hales-hall-barn-wedding_013 hales-hall-barn-wedding_014 hales-hall-barn-wedding_015 hales-hall-barn-wedding_016 hales-hall-barn-wedding_017 hales-hall-barn-wedding_018 hales-hall-barn-wedding_019 hales-hall-barn-wedding_020 hales-hall-barn-wedding_021 hales-hall-barn-wedding_022 hales-hall-barn-wedding_023 hales-hall-barn-wedding_024 hales-hall-barn-wedding_025 hales-hall-barn-wedding_026 hales-hall-barn-wedding_027 hales-hall-barn-wedding_028hales-hall-barn-wedding_033 hales-hall-barn-wedding_034 hales-hall-barn-wedding_035 hales-hall-barn-wedding_036 hales-hall-barn-wedding_037 hales-hall-barn-wedding_038 hales-hall-barn-wedding_039 hales-hall-barn-wedding_040 hales-hall-barn-wedding_029 hales-hall-barn-wedding_030 hales-hall-barn-wedding_031 hales-hall-barn-wedding_032
hales-hall-barn-wedding_041 hales-hall-barn-wedding_042 hales-hall-barn-wedding_043 hales-hall-barn-wedding_044 hales-hall-barn-wedding_045 hales-hall-barn-wedding_046 hales-hall-barn-wedding_047 hales-hall-barn-wedding_048 hales-hall-barn-wedding_049 hales-hall-barn-wedding_050 hales-hall-barn-wedding_051 hales-hall-barn-wedding_052 hales-hall-barn-wedding_053 hales-hall-barn-wedding_054 hales-hall-barn-wedding_055 hales-hall-barn-wedding_056 hales-hall-barn-wedding_057 hales-hall-barn-wedding_058 hales-hall-barn-wedding_059 hales-hall-barn-wedding_060 hales-hall-barn-wedding_061 hales-hall-barn-wedding_062 hales-hall-barn-wedding_063 hales-hall-barn-wedding_064 hales-hall-barn-wedding_065 hales-hall-barn-wedding_066 hales-hall-barn-wedding_067 hales-hall-barn-wedding_068 hales-hall-barn-wedding_069 hales-hall-barn-wedding_070 hales-hall-barn-wedding_071 hales-hall-barn-wedding_072 hales-hall-barn-wedding_073 hales-hall-barn-wedding_074 hales-hall-barn-wedding_075 hales-hall-barn-wedding_076 hales-hall-barn-wedding_077 hales-hall-barn-wedding_078 hales-hall-barn-wedding_079 hales-hall-barn-wedding_080 hales-hall-barn-wedding_081 hales-hall-barn-wedding_082 hales-hall-barn-wedding_083 hales-hall-barn-wedding_084 hales-hall-barn-wedding_085 hales-hall-barn-wedding_086 hales-hall-barn-wedding_087 hales-hall-barn-wedding_088 hales-hall-barn-wedding_089 hales-hall-barn-wedding_090 hales-hall-barn-wedding_091 hales-hall-barn-wedding_092 hales-hall-barn-wedding_093 hales-hall-barn-wedding_094 hales-hall-barn-wedding_095 hales-hall-barn-wedding_096 hales-hall-barn-wedding_097 hales-hall-barn-wedding_098 hales-hall-barn-wedding_099 hales-hall-barn-wedding_100 hales-hall-barn-wedding_101 hales-hall-barn-wedding_102 hales-hall-barn-wedding_103 hales-hall-barn-wedding_104 hales-hall-barn-wedding_105 hales-hall-barn-wedding_106 hales-hall-barn-wedding_107 hales-hall-barn-wedding_108 hales-hall-barn-wedding_109


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