I Do… Barry & Charlotte, The Red Barn

I am always rather a long way behind with blogging weddings, I simply have so many to shoot and lots and lots of sneak peeks to do! This though is the final 2015 wedding I will be sharing before I start sharing my amazing 2016 weddings (can’t wait!) and I have decided to finish the year with Barry & Charlotte!

Charlotte is a very talented wedding photographer herself so it was a huge honour (if a little scary) that she picked me to capture her day!

Barry (I think like all photographers other halves) isn’t a huge fan of having his photo taken, I think he and my other half would get on well! They did though decide to have an engagement shoot to get any nerves out of the way before the wedding and I think it did the trick, he was relaxed and great fun on the wedding day!

The whole day was a photographers dream. I met Charlotte and her girls at her parents house in the morning where they were all being beautified by the very talented Melissa from Melissa Abel Makeup and the lovely Gemma from Gemma Holiday Hair. I love working with both these ladies as they are super talented but also lots of fun on a wedding morning!

I say this a lot as its always such an incredible moment to capture but as Charlotte got in to her dress she looked totally breathtaking.

Over at The Red Barn despite a rainy start to the day the sun came out and guests had started to arrive. Charlotte’s family own a car sales business so there had to be some amazing cars there on the day and oh boy there really was! A BMW, Bentley and an Austin Martin… as Charlotte’s dad Ian said its not always what you know but who!

Charlotte was lucky enough to have her grandparents able to attend the wedding which I always think is so wonderful. She is really close to her grandparents so wanted to create a special moment with them and decided to do a ‘first look’. Her mum Kathy arranged for her grandparents to be waiting as she got out of the car to ‘see’ her in her dress for the first time before they took their seats and it was the most beautiful moment.

The interior of the barn is incredible and Charlotte had used some beautiful props from The Little Lending Company including their beautiful Festoon lights which are one of my favourite additions to any wedding. Although the Barn is quite dark to shoot in it twinkled with these gorgeous lights above them during the ceremony.

They chose to do the speeches before the meal which is always a great idea for the speech makers to get it out of the way and relax and enjoy the meal. The speeches were really lovely and there were lots of laughs throughout.

After a delicious meal on which Tom from Browns FilmsĀ and I had our own table called ‘Dream Team!’ we headed out to the most incredible golden hour for some gorgeous evening shots as the sun went down which was my favourite part of their day.

The evening ended for us after a wonderful first dance, some awesome dance floor shots and a little magic with one of their tipis!

Here are just a few of my favourites from this incredible day!

the-red-barn-wedding-photography_001 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_002 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_003 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_004 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_005 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_006 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_007 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_008 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_009 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_010 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_011 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_012 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_013 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_014 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_015 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_016 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_017 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_018 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_019 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_020 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_021 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_022 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_023 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_024 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_025 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_026 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_027 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_028 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_029 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_030 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_031 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_032 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_033 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_034 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_035 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_036 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_037 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_038 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_039 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_040 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_041 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_042 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_043 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_044 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_045 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_046 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_047 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_048 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_049 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_050 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_051 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_052 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_053 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_054 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_055 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_056 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_057 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_058 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_059 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_060 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_061 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_062 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_063 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_064 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_065 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_066 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_067 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_068 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_069 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_070 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_071 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_072 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_073 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_074 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_075 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_076 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_077 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_078 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_079 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_080 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_081 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_082 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_083 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_084 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_085 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_086 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_087 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_088 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_089 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_090 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_091 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_092 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_093 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_094 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_095 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_096 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_097 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_098 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_099 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_100 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_101 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_102 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_103 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_104 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_105 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_106 the-red-barn-wedding-photography_107


  1. Philippa Hughes

    I love this dress!!! ???? And some gorgeous golden hour shots! Looks like a beautiful day

  2. Claire


    Your photographs are beautiful! My fiance and I are getting married on 15th August 2018 and wondered if you were available and the packages you offer? We’re still researching photographers so we’re trying to get as much information as possible.


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