This week has been a little crazy for me. For the last few weeks I have been working on some great blog posts with some lovely, talented and very inspirational wedding bloggers and all three seem to have come together and been posted this week! I love having my shoots featured, be it Engagement, Weddings or Lifestyle but sometimes it is nice to dip your toe on a slightly different pond. I was asked by two wedding blogs to look at written posts to help all you Bride and Grooms out there with some simple, honest, wedding photography advice. So armed with a 10 year old English A Level and spell check, I wracked my brains and between me and the bloggers decided on two topics… ‘How to choose a Wedding Photographer‘ and ‘How to get the best from your Wedding Photographer‘. It was important to me that the posts were as un-bias as possible, which made writing them harder than I thought! Simple, honest advice not about spending a fortune or indeed booking ‘me’ but a few good tips on what to look for in the daunting world of photographers and what you can do to help create the magic on your day. So Monday saw my lovely Bride and Groom, Louise and Chris’ Engagement Shoot, featured on the gorgeous Boho Bride; Tuesday saw ‘How to Choose a Wedding Photographer’ on the beautiful Times Two Hearts Blog; with Wednesday and Thursday ‘How the get the best from your Photographer’ featured in 2 parts on the rather inspirational, Wedding Inspiration Blog. To check them out see click on the links in the post and I hope they prove useful and maybe even a little interesting!

Oh and to go with this post another Sneak Peek from my Rock the Frock on Sunday Shhhhhh!

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