Many of you may know that I had a (kind of) day off this weekend! As a photographer this is fairly unheard of as most of my Lifestyle Shoots, Weddings etc take place at the weekend when people are off work or school! This happens to include my boyfriend Rob, who does the normal 9-5 thing! However this means we rarely get to spend a WHOLE day together but this weekend… we got that day. Ok, ok I didn’t have the full day off but I started the day photographing an amazing art exhibition by an unbelievable artist Michael J Wiggins.
Being a photographer I am truly quite fussy when it comes to art work (you wouldn’t believe I don’t have a single image on my lounge wall as I am just THAT fussy!) perhaps that is what makes me a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work! Anyway I spent an hour or so shooting the exhibition and chatting to the amazing Michael (in between his fans!) and staring mesmerized by his work. The show was opened by an fantastic character and gent, Zacron a huge artist and designer in the 60’s who even designed one of Led Zeppelin’s iconic album covers… check him out here. So this show was truly a pleasure to attend work or not!

These bottles are not part of the exhibition… I just loved them!

How incredible…

So after the show Rob and I headed for the first time to Southwold on the Stunning East Suffolk Coast. First stop was a local cafe that did fab bangers and mash and ice cream… yum!
So loving how quaint the cafe was I got my camera out in the cafe and started shooting the sugar, the tea pot, the jam…

I even managed to sneak one of Rob…. that he banned me posting… Shhhhhhhh!
Then a walk round Southwold, that could have stepped out of the 1950’s…

But we couldn’t avoid England even though we had stepped back in time!

Then down the prom and pier, bright beach huts, blue sky’s and check out that Coast Guard hut!

On the pretense I was trying out new equipment I got another……Ooooops!

And we finished our afternoon by the sea with a quick piccie on timer of the two of us!! Ok so no weekends off now till October… gulp!

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