Looking back through 2010 I cannot believe what an amazing year I had! In fact it went by so quickly I got to September and still couldn’t believe we had gone past March! It has been emotional, as they say, but also fun, busy, exhausting and enlightening! I learnt so much my brain was overflowing and I came out of the year with a new address book full of clients who had become friends and an array of new clients booked in for 2011.

I said my thank yous in my last post so this is really to show what 2010 looked like for me… through my favorite photographs. I have decided to call this my 50 faves, some are in there because I am so proud of the beauty my camera has captured, some are included because I am always in awe of the love my gorgeous clients share and some are in there because they are just down right fun!
I hope you like my selection, there were hundreds more I could have put in as 50 doesn’t even cover the number of shoots I did but these are the images that make me smile every time I look at them… and I hope you will too…

A huge thank you to all my brides, grooms, and little people for being so much fun and making it so easy to take beautiful images of – I hope to see you all in 2011! x

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