This Christmas in the spirit of all things Christmassy I have decided to run a Competition for a shoot and a £100 voucher….

So often we don’t appriciate or show our love for someone in our lives that we perhaps sometimes take for granted.  It could be your mum, your partner, little brother or sister or how about your granny?

This shoot is for your Superstar someone… some who you never seem to have the time you would like to spend with, someone who has had a tough year who you just want to show you love, someone who forvever helps you out babysitting, shopping or is always on the end of the phone.

YOU will win the competition but the shoot is for the TWO of you to have some gorgeous natural images TOGETHER not only that but you will receive a £100 voucher to spend on them, you, or to split!

I shoot many families, weddings, couples but rarely do I shoot 2 best friends, 2 sisters a grandparent and grandchild for no other reason than… just because.

There are many people in my life that I would love to spend a fun filled hour with, going for a walk and having some lovely natural shots with. There are also many people who I wish I had taken the time to do this with and to have those shots to look aback on and smile for years to come.

Why not meet me at the beach and make a day of it, take your superstar someone for lunch afterwards or a look round the gorgeous coastal villages?


To enter simply email me your name, address, age, telephone number.

Then I would like a few lines about WHO your special someone is and WHY you would like some shots with them.

You have one week to enter and the winner will be emailed on Christmas eve so they can let their superstar someone know on Christmas Day!

The shoot must take place in Norfolk so you will need to to able to travel here or should live locally and is valid for 2 people one of which must be you. You can choose the location and the shoot is valid for 3 months (until the 31st March 2012). Your winning reason will be published on the blog Christmas eve and your shoot once it has taken place.


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