Goodness this decision was even harder than last year! I had over double the entries I did in 2011 and so many amazing people, stories, friends, mums, dads, brothers and sisters. It is so difficult to say who is more deserving than another as I can honestly say every entry touched my heart.

I have though HAD to make the decison and it is simply based on the single entry that really made me feel this ladies cause the most. I have also met these two wonderful women and had the pleasure to shoot the nominators beautiful wedding last year. So it is with great pleasure that I announce the winner of Superstar Someone winning a Lifestyle Shoot together and a £100 voucher to spend is…. Drum roll…

Karena Mower & her Mum Susan!

Here is Karena’s beautiful entry;

‘I would like to nominate my wonderful mum, Susan, for the Superstar Someone Christmas competition.

There are many reasons why my mum is my Superstar Someone. For example, she is the kindest person I know, and she is the most devoted mother and grandmother in the world. She is beautiful, inside and out; however, she refuses to believe this and shies away from life as a result. Nevertheless, my mum is an incredibly strong person, and is always there for others – especially her family.

However, although these reasons are all true, they do not do her justice. So I must tell you a little bit more about my mum.

My mum has had an incredibly difficult life, and yet she has never, ever complained. When my mum and dad were young they were fortunate to be blessed with my eldest brother Anthony. Sadly, Anthony had severe learning difficulties, and he passed away when he was sixteen years of age. Mum very rarely mentions my brother, and although she and I are extremely close, she has always kept her grief to herself. I have always believed that my mum is the strongest person I know, but now that I am a mother myself, I am even more certain of this; because mum has always carried on and never complained, despite the fact that she feels such loss every day.

I am incredibly lucky to have the best mum in the world, and my daughters Lily-May and Poppy are  blessed to have the best Grandma in the world. Our little family has had a very difficult year, and I can honestly say that we would not have survived it without the help of my mum. Instead of enjoying her own life, my mum spends every moment of her spare time helping take care of all of her grandchildren. She has even had almost as many sleepless nights as me, whilst helping me look after my youngest daughter Poppy, who has been very poorly over the past six months. She really has sacrificed everything for her family, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

My mum is, and has aways been, beautiful inside and out. However, she is lacking in self confidence so much so that it prevents her from living her life to it’s fullest. I will never be able to repay my mum for all that she has done for us, however, one thing I could do for her (with Katherine’s help), is to help her to see how truly beautiful she is.

Moreover, it is actually really on behalf of my daughters that I wish to nominate my mum for the Superstar Someone Christmas competition.  You see, my mum is so self conscious, that she rarely has her photograph taken. Consequently, there are very few photo’s of her, especially with me or my children. Even on my wedding day, when Katherine took such wonderful photographs, my mum was so busy looking after our girls so that my husband and I could enjoy our day, that we never had any time to have any mother and daughter photographs taken together. My mum is such an important part of my daughters lives, and it saddens me to think that in the future there will be no photographs of my mum for my girls to look back at and be reminded of how much of devoted mother and Grandmother she was.

And so, having gone on to tell you more than ‘a little bit more’ about my mum, on behalf of Lily-May, Poppy and myself, I would like to nominate Susan Mower (the best mother and grandmother in the world) for the Superstar Someone Christmas competition.

Thank you.”

What beautiful words Karena and such a special mum you have. I so look forward to our shoot! The voucher will be winging it’s way to you via email ready for you to print for her and give her on Christmas day.

The story doesn’t end there though as I would also like to announce a very special runner up who will receive a voucher for a shoot together {worth £75}. Again this was another story that really touched my heart as I would have loved to have been in time to have a shoot with my wonderful Grandma.

My runner up is…

Karla Butza and her Granny Elizabeth Searles!

A voucher will be coming to you Karla to print and give to your Granny over Christmas. Here is your beautiful entry:

‘I would like to nominate my Granny, Elizabeth Searles.  At the age of 91 she is the head of our household and is an integral part of the family. She is a unique woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She doesn’t look or act her age and has a wicked sense of humour as well as an amazing memory. She is a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother who does all she can for her ever growing family. Earlier this year she wasn’t very well and it was a shock to see such a strong, independent person suddenly look so vulnerable. It made me realise that she won’t be around forever – no matter how stubborn she is! and that she is more important to me than ever before. With my wedding less than 12months away my Granny is being so supportive, both financially and with words of wisdom. It’s been twenty years this December since she lost her husband, my Grandad, but she remains as strong as ever and her love for him is still clear to see.’

All the other entries were amazing to so thank you all so much for taking the time to send them.  Please do enter again next year as some of you were so, so close!

Now I have spread a little Christmas Cheer I think I deserve a mince pie…ho ho ho!

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