Making women feel fantastic about themselves is one of my photography passions.

I have spent 16 years mastering the art of shooting ladies and know not only how to put you at ease but how to make you look and feel incredible in the final photographs. With lots of fun and giggles thrown in along the way.

My ‘Secret Unveil’ shoots are soft, natural and feminine using luminous natural light and the most incredible country house room you will look beautiful with a sprinkling of sexy whilst keeping a little to the imagination!

These shoots are not about being 18 and skinny we all know how long that lasted! They are about being you, curves if you have them and laughter lines on show. It doesn’t matter one bit what age, shape or size you are I will capture you looking your very best just as you are.

These shoots are once in a lifetime if you need an excuse then they make the perfect gift for your husband to be the night before the wedding, an anniversary or birthday. Perhaps you have lost some weight and deserve a treat or maybe you have reached a milestone in your life…  lets face it you don’t need to find an excuse!

Shoots start from £395 and all packages include a wonderful makeup artist to make you look your very best.

Get in touch and tell me why you deserve the shoot of your life!




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